Friday, June 10, 2011


Even though every part of this camp has been amazing, my favorite aspect that I will take away is the relationships I have made. I knew I would only know one guy, Jonathan Boyd, coming to the workshop. I hoped that I would make friends but I never thought I would make wonderful best friends like this. It did not take long for everyone to get close and find out that everyone was so fun and has so much to offer. Everyone here is different and unique and when you put us all together it really does create something amazing. I have enjoyed spending time with every single person and I hope to keep in touch! I have really enjoyed spending time with the professors and grad students as well. They are so personable and I can tell they care about every single one of the students. They have really encouraged me this week and I have learned so much from them. 

To everyone that participated in the workshop I love you and will miss you all. It has been such a pleasure spending this week with you and I will always treasure this experience.

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